This is the Frontend Framework for my KGX-8000 Fake Console Projects. It is really not a playable game. I am making it available just as a reference for Game Jams in which I might participate in the future. This would be the "skeleton code" for my games. It includes my "brand" logo, Controller Customization code, and basic "emulator" function code.

It was proudly made with GDevelop. I am a GDevelop evangelist. Try it now if you want to make games, but traditional coding makes your head explode. I can't say enough how awesome GDevelop is. By the way, GDevelop is awesome. Try GDevelop now. I'll also take the time while I am on the soapbox to evangelize, the best place to find assets to use in your games, and the best place to share your assets with others.

What the hell is the KGX-8000?

The KGX-8000 is a fake console. It is not a fantasy console like pico-8, it is just a personal framework I use for my games. It is a "lost console" concept. You can read the pseudo-history of the KGX-8000 here. There are no hard specs for the console, other than a 320x180 resolution and a specific 50 color palette I made.  Sometimes I "bend" the palette and use color interpolation when palette swapping, so I don't always stay 100% true to the palette, but I try. Basically, if I can do it in GDevelop then it must have been possible to do it on the fake console.


The KGX-8000 Fake Controller is designed to align with a modern XBox / Generic PC Gamepad, minus the Y and Select Buttons and the Analog sticks / triggers.

My games are designed to be played with a Gamepad. You are highly encouraged to play with a Gamepad to get the full "fake console" experience.

Player One:

Gamepad ID1: Dpad, A, X, B, L Shoulder, R Shoulder, Start

Default Keyboard:

DPad = W,A,S,D

A = G

X = H

B = J

L Shoulder = T

R Shoulder = Y

Start = Num1

Player Two:

GamepadID2: Dpad, A, X, B, L Shoulder, R Shoulder, Start

Default Keyboard:

DPad = Arrow keys

A = Numpad1

X = Numpad2

B = Numpad3

L Shoulder = Numpad5

R Shoulder = Numpad6

Start = NumpadReturn

Keyboard controls can be configured. If you use keys that your browser uses for various functions (like Tab) then you will get weird behavior in the HTML5 build.


F1 - 1x Window Scale (320x180)

F2 - 2x Window Scale (640x360)

F3 - 3x Window Scale (960x540)

F4 - 4x Window Scale (1280x720)

F5 - 5x Window Scale (1600x900)

F6 - Toggle Fullscreen

Escape - Quit Game

Emulator controls don't work on the HTML5 web build. They will just do whatever your browser does with those keys.

(The Function keys might work weird if your system settings have them set to use secondary functions like brightness etc. by default. I think this is the automatic setting on Macs. In this case you would have to press the FN key + the F# key. You can change it in your OS settings, and I think you should because that is an absurd and deviant setup. But if you have a Mac you are already a deviant.)

If you play the HTML5 web build on Safari or other WebKit-based browser, you will likely notice "not pixel perfect" blurriness. I can't do anything about it, it is a WebKit problem.

The web build will probably load on smartphones and tablets, but I have not and will not include touch controls. If you have a gamepad connected to your device it might work, but I don't really know.



KGX-8000 Fake Console Pixel Art Collaboration with ZomBCool and With the Love Studios.

KGX-8000 Fake Controller Pixel Art Collaboration with With the Love Studios.

Modifications were made.


Press Start 2P Font by Codeman38 ( )

SIL Open Font License ( )

Modifications were made.


Minimalist Pixel Fonts by kheftel ( )

CC0 License ( )


LanaPixel - Localization-friendly pixel font by eishiya ( )

CC-BY 4.0 License ( )

Modifications were made.


Pointing Hand Cursor by Spring Spring ( )

CC0 License ( )

Modifications were made.


Voleeta Text to Speech ( )

Voleeta Terms of Service ( )

Modifications were made.


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